News & Updates
February 13th:
Three newly added wigs! Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Kamina wig; Tidus wig; and Selphie Tilmitt wig! Please check it out!
We have also added updated customer gallery photos! We'd love to add your photo to our gallery! If you are a past customer, please send us a photo of you wearing our wig!

July 1st:
Newly added is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Nia wig! Please check it out!
We have also added updated photos of our Rinoa wig!

November 9th:
We invite you to see our newest additions to the Styled Wigs Catalogue!
Sakura Wigs now offers a brand new version of Cloud (FF7: Advent Children), L (Death Note), Yuna (FFX), Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2), and Squall (FF8).
As always, if you do not see what you are looking for, we accept custom commissions, so just send us an email with some pictures of the character and we will get back to you with a price quote!
We have also lowered the prices on several of our wigs, ENJOY!

July 17th:
The new line of unstyled base wigs are now available! Sakura Wigs offers 13 unique colors that other wig shops cannot offer! No more trying to dye a wig to match your character's! This is our trial-run, if it goes well, we will be expanding to over 30 awesome colors! Please support us!
Also this is a special notice regarding the styled/custom wigs, our stylist and main correspondence are currently on vacation until the end of August, as a result Sakura Wigs can only accept styled-wig-orders that have a deadline in mid-September or later. Some email delays should be expected as internet connection is scarce in their vacation location.
All orders placed before May 15th, 2007 had been shipped at the beginning of June 2007 unless specified otherwise.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

April 6th:
The new order form is now online! We hope you like it! April is an exciting time for Sakura Wigs! It is our official First Anniversary! Tons of new wigs will be added this month! Also our awesome accessories line is set to launch by the end of the month! Thank you for all your support this year with many more years to come!

January 10th:
Happy New Year! Newly added to the catalogue is Kingdom Hearts' Sora wig! Please check it out!

October 10th:
Newly added is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle's Sakura wig! Please check it out!

August 14th: brand new site is now up and running! We hope you find this new version easier to use!
If there are any problems/suggestions, please email us: